Mr Thomas G Christensen

Mr Thomas G Christensen

"Advanced Fundamental Coaching Skills, ICI"

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"Advanced Fundamental Coaching Skills, ICI"

Has achieved "Advanced Fundamental Coaching Skills, ICI" at EmpowerMind by Jørgen Svenstrup.

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Better the will to win than fear of failure!

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My name is Thomas Gosvig Christensen. I am a trained ICI coach specialising in wellbeing and performance. I have a background as a non-commissioned officer from the armed forces, where I have worked with training, coaching and motivation as well as management of more than a thousand soldiers over the past thirty years. During my military career I have been tested on all parameters, both physical and mental, not the least through my many deployments around the world.

My military background and the challenges I have experienced through my work as a leader and soldier have enriched me with a wide range of skills in the fields of wellbeing and performance coaching. My approach to coaching is that life is difficult for all of us, the goal is not to remove challenges or make life easier, but to make us stronger and resistant to life's challenges, and through dedicated work overcome what stands in the way of us achieving our goals.

I am passionate about working with people who are invested in personal growth and are ready to make an effort, even if it hurts at times. I use a wide range of coaching tools adapted to the individual client's needs. It can be sit down 1-1 sparring, walk-and-talk, group dialogue (team coaching), mental training as well as ongoing individually adapted exercises and strategies.
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