Jørgen Svenstrup
Jørgen Svenstrup
Head of EmpowerMind

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Mitzi Svenstrup

"Coach Master Trainer, ICI"


Vision of the Danish ICI Member Institute Counsciousness seems to be the key to continously development, and perhaps we are as humans in general more ”sleepwalking” than we think? The vision of EmpowerMind as the Danish ICI Institute, is to support people to ”wake up” as the unlimited human beings we believe we are, and through increased counsciousness being given The Choice. The experience of having The Choice is probably the most empowermind-creating sensation, we as humans can experience – expecially when we previously thought, we had none. Imagine if we always have a choice, and that this recognition opens the doors we thought locked for ever. EmpowerMind offers empowermind-creating services for individuals, teams and organisations, and the broad range of ICI Coaching Trainings we offer, are the natural core products in our Institute. Since 2004 we have facilitated and completed more than 30 coach trainings on all levels all over the world, and we do not intend to stop!

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