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Hamid Jaouhar MBA

Hamid Jaouhar MBA

Head of GENSEO


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Vision of the Institute Promote peace Fight ignorance

Strength of the Institute I care about Humanity, throught a rich life experience can bring harmony with the material aspect of our life with the spirituality of our being.

Data and Facts 2005 - Author of the book “Notre Plus Grand Combat” personal development book in French. - Senior Consultant with Accenture - Executive MBA 2006 - Conference in major cities in France, Switzerland and Belgium on the power of ideas and the impact they can have in our world. - Pilgrimage of Peace for Holocaust victims at the concentration camps of Auschwitz (Poland) directed by the great Rabbi of Paris Haim Korsia. 2007 - 2013: - Trainer of NLP and Hypnosis with Psynapse center in Paris. - Private coaching/therapy practice. 2013 - Creation of nlpeace (promoting world peace by promoting the role of women in our society with NLP) - NLP Training and Coaching with Kineconcept Centre (Canada) 2014 - Certified Master-Trainer in NLP with International Association of NLP Institutes (IN) and Master-Trainer in Coaching with International Association of Coaching Institutes (ICI) - and - Translation of “Notre Plus Grand Combat” in English “Our Greatest Battle“Completed trainings 2005 Executive MBA 2012 Certified NLP Trainer (INLPTA) 2014 - Certified Master-Trainer with IN) and (ICI)