Fabrice Baillache

Fabrice Baillache

"Associate Coach, ICI"

"Associate Coach, ICI"

Has achieved "Associate Coach, ICI" at Mind Transformations by Barney Wee.

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I am honoured to be recognized as an ICI Associate Coach and a Certified Holistic Wellness Coach, deeply passionate about guiding busy professionals on their journey to sustained high energy levels through mindful lifestyle changes. My expertise lies in integrating tailored practices into daily routines, fostering clarity and harmony between thoughts, intentions, feelings, and actions.

My personal voyage into holistic wellness has been marked by profound self-discovery and continuous growth. Through personal experiences, experimentation, and unwavering dedication, I have discovered that the keys to greater wellness, success, and happiness are inherent within us, waiting to be unlocked.

With over a decade of diverse experience in Human Resources across sectors such as banking, luxury hospitality, and fintech, I have honed my skills in enhancing people’s performance, productivity, engagement, and growth. Complemented by certifications in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Gallup Clifton Strengths coaching, and IEQ9 Enneagram coaching, I offer a unique blend of expertise. This blend empowers my clients to harness their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energies – a vital facet often overlooked in conventional coaching.

I firmly believe in the transformative power of holistic wellness. By integrating essential elements such as nutrition, physical fitness, rest, mindset, spirituality, purpose, career, and relationships, we can unlock our fullest potential. Guiding others on this holistic wellness journey is not just my purpose; it’s my privilege.



My experience about "Associate Coach, ICI"

ICI Associate coach programme has been one of the most insightful experiences I have had. It is in complete alignment with my deepest beliefs and values.
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