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! Only the appointment commission of the ICI can award this level !

Only those appointed by the ICI as "Coach Master Trainer, ICI" have the right to use the ICI seal. "Coach Master Trainer, ICI" are either leaders of an ICI member institute or additional trainers at an ICI member institute, in whose name they may use the seal. By being appointed as "Coach Master Trainer, ICI", they can issue a certificate with an ICI seal (sticker with a number on the ICI logo) to the participants of their trainings. Here you will find the complete list of "Coach Master Trainer, ICI".

150 days of training experience (1100 hrs)

Entitled to seal "Coach Master Trainer, ICI":

The minimum requirement for an ICI appointment is 150 days of training experience. This appointment can be as a "Coach Master Trainer, ICI" collaborating with an established ICI member institute during the first 7 standard coaching trainings (30 days "Coach, ICI") and having the seal entitlement, or as an additional "Coach Master Trainer, ICI" at an ICI member institute.

Leader of an experienced ICI member institute:

A person can be appointed as the leader of an experienced ICI member institute if they have already conducted at least seven "Coach, ICI" trainings (or comparable trainings) each lasting 30 days, with at least 80% of the training conducted by them. In addition, they must be able to prove the experiences listed in the figure.

Here you will find all the details:

Every "Coach Master Trainer, ICI" is part of an ICI member institute, either as a leader or as an additional trainer. The ICI member institute has its own profile, which is created when appointing the "Coach Master Trainer, ICI". To be appointed as a "Coach Master Trainer, ICI", you must provide evidence that you meet the requirements for this position.

For your appointment as "Coach Master Trainer, ICI" we need your resume as well as an overview of the seminars you have conducted. We also need the signed contract between you and the ICI. Here you will find the contract for "Coach Master Trainer, ICI".
Alternatively, you can find support in our pilot project No. 2: Assistance Alternatives with active conducting of basic trainings


The easiest way is to get confirmation from the ICI president of your country that you meet the requirements for a "Coach Master Trainer, ICI".

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If there is no ICI president in your country, a "Coach Master Trainer, ICI" can also confirm your qualifications.

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