Ryszard Gąsierkiewicz
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Ryszard Gąsierkiewicz


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Ryszard Gąsierkiewicz - a former candidate for a military pilot in Dęblin, a lawyer, pedagogue, therapist, creator of radio programmes, sports coach, specialist in biological regeneration. For 20 years he has been also involved in mountain rescue, has been a founder and manager of the medical section of Specialist Rescue Teams at the Polish Red Cross. For participation in rescue operations he has been awarded "Medal for Dedication and Courage", Silver Badge of Merit of Volunteer Mountain Rescue Service and Order for Merit for Flood Fighting. Until 1990 he worked in state enterprises on different levels of management - from a department manager to the CEO. One of the first Polish coaches of rapid learning techniques - speed reading and memory techniques, he is also the main judge in the national competition in these areas. Fascinated with searching the "philosopher's stone" in terms of efficiency of acting in stress, he has also "discovered" NLP in 1990s. And this Neurolinguistic Programming, due to its coherence and simplicity, made him its great supporter until today. He teaches NLP in open courses covering all levels of skills, applies it to management, trainings and coaching as for 20 years he has been running a training and advisory company of a diverse profile (corresponding to his experiences and skills). He has been teaching the secrets of NLP at Kozminski University in Warsaw. In the Polish Radio he has been the host of a weekly programme "Do not lose your head", propagating various, effective in practice, NLP techniques (see the picture). So far his first book has been published "NLP Methods", further books covering this topic are being prepared for printing. He founded Post-secondary College of Psychology and Interpersonal Communication - specialty NLP - the only school in Poland, where beside interdisciplinary courses in psychology, training for all levels of NLP is provided. He is well known for his unconventional methods of action - one of his flagship training activities includes red-hot coals on which for 20 years now he has been walking together with participants of the trainings he conducts.

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