Ms Rubina Ruhee

Ms Rubina Ruhee

"Associate Coach, ICI"

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  • Country Mauritius

"Associate Coach, ICI"

Has achieved "Associate Coach, ICI" at Mind Transformations by Barney Wee.

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About Ms Rubina Ruhee

I have embraced an 18 year career as Corporate Senior Executive and 14 years as Corporate Trainer. I now dedicate my work to support young Professionals and Aspiring Executives in their personal development through Transformational Coaching. 

Through the tools of NLP, II help Professionals across industries evolve with confidence by transforming their limiting beliefs, negative emotions and patterns of behaviour to empowering ones. They are thus able to become more self-aware and regulate their responses in ways that serve them and their purpose better.


My experience about "Associate Coach, ICI"

I embarked on my NLP journey in 2019 with Barney Wee and never imagined that it would progress into ICI Associate Coach and Master NLP - both achieved in 2023. It has been an in-depth self-transformation first. It is always necessary for us to continue to reassess our thoughts, beliefs and actions. The NLP tools help deep dive into these in an impactful manner.

Having been a Corporate Trainer for 9 years by 2019, it was important for me to reflect on my next step. Coaching was the natural path ahead. However, learning the tools and skills is not the only chapter. Becoming a Coach is a different story. This is where the ICI Associate program made the difference for me. It gave me the confidence and poise to develop presence for my clients.

I feel more equipped now to be able to support others in their professional journey and help them as well as individuals overcome their limiting beliefs. As an ICI Associate Coach, I feel empowered to lead others with clarity and process.

I love the exchange process of coaching - as a Coach, I also remain open o learn from my clients and grow. The whole experience has been one of evolving wisdom.
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