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Dr. Emmanuel F. Silan

Dr. Emmanuel F. Silan

Head of NLP MANILA Corp.



NLP Manila is a behavioral management training and consultancy institution that deals with personal and organization change and transformation.  It is driven by a group of Organization Development and NLP Master Practitioners who share the belief and the passion that achieving a lasting individual and organization change is always within their grasp; that the power to transform and become more of who they are and who they want to be is within them and is just waiting to be released.

NLP MANILA has been established in January 2015. Its founders are seasoned management consultants, training facilitators, coach-counselors, organization development practitioners and researchers.

In 2020, NLP Manila registered its current official name, NLP Manila Corp. from the old and longer name, Neuro Linguistic Programming Manila Corp.

NLP Manila is an affiliate of NLP Marin based in California, USA through Mr. James William Andrews. NLP Marin shares with NLP Manila its experiences of more than two decades of developing and delivering the finest Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) training in the world.

NLP Manila harnesses the various specializations of its founders – spanning the fields of Organization Development, Coaching and Counseling, People Management, Action Research, Behavioural Management, Instructional Technology Systems, Sales and Marketing, among others – and integrating them with NLP paradigms of learning, teaching, and becoming which create a wonderful and powerful body of knowledge that is put in practical application.

Led by Emmanuel F. Silan, Ph.D, and James William Andrews, NLP Manila consultancy and training programs are anchored on the belief of acceptance and transformation with  its deep respect for each individual and the inclusion of all aspects of being human.

One of its founders, EMMANUEL “Noel” F. SILAN is a graduate of SAIDI-Graduate School of Organization Development with PhD degree on Organization Development with concentration on organization leadership.

Noel is also a seasoned coach and counselor, with his background in Guidance and Counseling (graduate program), Therapeutic NLP, CBT, Hypnotherapy, and later on, as having been certified as Life Coach by the International Associations of Coaching Institute (ICI). He is also completing another graduate course to supplement his knowledge of NLP and Coaching. This time, he is completing a Master's in Counseling Psychology at Ateneo De Manila University.

The other co-founder of NLP Manila, James William Andrews, is an I.T. specialist and a successful I.T.-based sales and marketing executive who has made the Philippines his second home.

James had the luck and opportunity to have met and trained under the big names of NLP: Robert Dittler in 1993, and being certified as an NLP Master Practitioner at NLP Marin under Jonathon Rice and Carl Buccheit. James is also a certified NLP Trainer of NLP Marin.

James is also a certified family constellation facilitator under NLP Marin. In 2012 He obtained a certification from Dolores Cannon's Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT).

NLP Manila Corp. provides Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Trainings in the whole Philippines and Southeast Asia. NLP Manila also provides NLP-based coaching and counseling programs.

In addition, NLP Manila provides leadership development programs, people management, behavioral management, organization development, teambuilding courses, conflict management courses, NLP-based communication courses, NLP-based client relationship management, and NLP+CBT coaching and counseling services for corporations, organizations, and individuals.