Mr. Mohamed El Ghandour
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Mr. Mohamed El Ghandour

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"Fundamental Coaching Skills, ICI"

Mr. Mohamed El Ghandour is head of the institute: Life Coaching with MG.

Mr. Mohamed El Ghandour is in cooperation with the institute: The Field Of Awakening.

Has achieved "Coach, ICI" at The Field Of Awakening by Abdul-Rahman Abdullah.


  • NLPsych
  • NLP
  • Life
  • Personal
  • Relationship
  • Conflict
  • Educational
  • Business
  • Executive
  • Burnout
  • Team
  • Project
  • Transitional
  • Stress
  • Mentor
  • Spiritual
  • Systemic
  • Hypnosis


Consciousness Development Coaching Approach:

A NON-Judgmental environment. 
It's a Multi-disciplinary humanistic laboratory for change, a place for personal renewal, in a non-judgmental environment in which multiple approaches to the psyche could be explored. 

A process of learning and development that combines an individual's: 
Mental, Physical, Social, Emotional and Spiritual growth. 
A forms of alternative education that are based on the humanistic approach. Its premise is that an individual finds purpose and meaning in life through connections to the natural world, the community and through humanitarian value systems. 

Promoting an eclectic application of philosophies; Programs utilizing both Eastern and Western techniques; NLP, NLPsy (Psychology), NLPhy (Philosophy), CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), Meditation, Deep Democracy, Gestalt therapy, Spirituality, Wisdom of the Enneagram, Soufism approaches, Visualization, Quantum Physics, Reiki, BioGeometry Energy approaches, among other innovative techniques to help clients explore the various aspects of their personality, inviting them on a fantasy tour of their own “Theater of the Inside”. 

​Self-Discovery, Self-Acceptance, Accepting the “Is-ness” of the Life forces of the Divine , balancing our “BEING” with our “DOING”, allows us to live more satisfying and fulfilling lives, riding life laws of Growth.  

The holistic viewpoint is based on the premise that a system as a whole will determine how its individual components act.

As a development method, attempts to integrate and encompass multiple layers of experience and meaning rather than placing a narrow focus on an individual's potential and possibilities. The holistic approach to learning is a transformation of one's frames of reference in relation to the whole, rather than a system based on individual existence approach to things. 

Current Training Offers

Date Address Country Trainer Training Focus Website Price Institute Description
2020/06/03 1 Yaman st. Dokki, 12311 Giza, Cairo, Egypt Egypt Mr. Mohamed El Ghandour "Fundamental Coaching Skills, ICI" Life 18000 LE Life Coaching with MG


To help connect with your colleagues and build the learning energy field.


لمن بهمة أمر تحسين جودة حياتة او التأثير الإيجابي فى حياة من حولة..

لكل من يحتاج الوعى الإدراكى من اجل تحسين:

- العلاقة مع نفسك و مع من حولك.
- دراسة مكونات النفس البشرية لإدارتها بوعى
- جودة التعاملات و تربية الاولاد
- إدارة الذات
- المهارات القيادية و الإدارية فى العمل
- مهارات إدارة العلاقات الإنسانية
- جودة افكارك
- العلاقة مع الحب الإهى
- التعامل مع تحديات الحياة
- التوازن النفسى
- السلام الداخلى

- و كمان ممكن تكون كوتش معتمد من ICI؛ الجمعية الدولية لمؤسسات الكوتشينج، برلين، المانيا،
(و دة فى حالة لو اشتغلت على نفسك فى التدريبات على مدار الشهرين، وعديت الإختبارات و نجحت فى الامتحان التحريرى فى آخر الدورة.)

إقرأ ماذا قال عن الدورة من حضروها:

حنبدأ الدورة بأذن الله يوم 3 يونيو و تستمر لمدة شهرين. يومان أسبوعيا.
من 6م الى 10م
ايام الثلاثاء و الأربعاء من كل اسبوع.

**** رجاء قراءة التفاصيل جيدآ.****

If you are SERIOUS about your own development, about HELPING people better their own lives?

1- Get your Coaching Certificate:
"Fundamental Coaching Skills, ICI"
International Association of Coaching Institutes, Berlin, Germany (60hrs + 4hrs)

2- For those who want to work on their consciousness and self awareness to help them in:
- Parenting
- Relationships
- Leadership skills
- Self Management and
- Gain a Balanced Peaceful Life.

Mohamed S. ElGhandour
Conscious Development & Leadership Coach &
Coach Master Trainer, ICI

ماذا ستتعلم ؟ مكونات الدورة:

- اجزاء و مكونات النفس
- النفس العميقة وقوانين العقل الباطن
- قانون القبول و الإسلام لأمره الله
- قوانين النمو و الوعى
- ماذا يحفزنى داخليآ؟ لماذا و كيف؟
- ما يوترنى و ينغص صفائى وسلامى النفسى
- دراسة الخوف و مخاوفى و كيفية التعامل معها.
- دراسة الغضب و ما يغضبنى، كيفية التعامل مع الغضب.

You will get to know:

- Components of the self.
- Your deep self d the subconscious mind.
- The law of Acceptance
- Growth Models
- What motivates you
- What stresses you
- Your fears
- Your angers

Join a collective field in a group for collective evolution to work towards your inner-peace.

15 Workshops (Group)

Promo video:

Location: ?

When: ?
Duration: for 8 weeks (15 workshops)
2 times/week

Starting June 3rd
every Tuesday + Wednesday
6.00pm - 10.00pm
(Cairo Local time)

Topics will cover the basic tools to understand (the self components)
How the mind works:
- Understand why you do what you do?
- Why people do what they do?
so you can manage your own life, manage your own stressors, & manage your relations with people around you.

8 Seminars topics:

Training content of:
"Fundamental Coaching Skills, ICI"

• To work ecological within the professional ICI frame of ethics e.g. working within the map of reality of the coachee, ethical standards in Coaching, Coach-Coachee contract, stages of coaching

• Personal congruence, presence, awareness and state management e.g. changing emotional states professionally

• To develop ecological outcome (goals, targeting, self-initiated) e.g. SMART (NLP)

• Questioning techniques (incl. gathering information) e.g. from a problem frame to an outcome frame, SCORE (NLP)

• Backtrack and Feedback (incl. verbalizing emotional experiences) e.g. differentiating clearly between perception and interpretation, free from value judgements

• Empathy and flexibility e.g. 1.2.3. position (NLP)

• To distinguish between analogue (body language) and digital communication e.g. working professionally with incongruencies

• To use body language consciously and outcome orientated e.g. Rapport (NLP)

• Self-consciousness of the role of a professional coach e.g. inner sponsorship (Dilts), critical self-reflection

- كيف يعمل العقل و اساسيات أو اخطاء التفكير.
The road ahead..
Where are we? why?
How the mind works?
The 3 Thinking Mistakes
How we think, that we think!!

- اللغة و اختلافنا فى استخدام الحواس.
- "THE LANGUAGE" we speak effect on us.
Which of your senses do you use.
To the self or to others.
Programs. Feelings. Energy vibes.

- نظام المعتقدات عن نفسنا و عن كل ما حولنا؛ كيف نكون معتقداتنا.
- The "BELIEF SYSTEM"? Know your Beliefs.
What you learned about: Yourself, about others, and about everything in life.
How it limits us? Or empower us?

- العقل الباطن، مستوياته و برامجه.
How we are all programmed.
How all programs are running subconsciously.

- القبول و الإسلام لأمره الله.
What & How is the way of the world?
Why acceptance.
The Law of duality.
The Law of 3 relation to acceptance.
How we polarise what we don't accept.

- الطفل بداخلنا، و كيف تم تكوينه.
Formation and structures of the unconscious patterns.
Pain bodies formations & dynamics.

- التوتر
The road Forward to inner peace.
Why? When? Where? How?
How to bring peace.

- الإيجو أو "الانا" المزيفة.
- The "EGO"
What's the Ego, in Philosophy, psychology, spirituality.
How it forms our personality.
How it makes us suffer.
How to manage / befriend the ego as a clever wntiry.

- الظل و ما نخفيه و وندفنه داخل النفس.
- The "SHADOW"
What do we hide from the world.
What is projection.
How, why, when do we project onto the world?
How to befriend our shadows.

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***** إقرأ ماذا قال من حضروا الدورة من قبل:

16 Days over 8 weeks


1- Hosting your Coaching profile page + advertising on search engines on ICI website. (This costs 350$ /year). Here it's included and Totally FREE.

2- Exam fees.

3- Certificate seal serial number & (Logistics)

** Investment 1,200$
inside Egypt LE 18,000
(64hrs + 3hrs)


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