dr. marjan etemadi

dr. marjan etemadi

"Fundamental Coaching Skills, ICI"

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"Fundamental Coaching Skills, ICI"

Has achieved "Fundamental Coaching Skills, ICI" at Academy of NLP& Coaching Prof. Omraie by Prof. Dr. Reza Omraie.

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As a lecturer and consultant in the field of human resources, organizational behavior and soft skills, I am eager to help people and organizations to learn the necessary information and skills in these fields. Due to the fact that technology rapidly transforms working methods, organizations and businesses can ensure their success in this new era by hiring people who have soft skills learning in addition to human resources expertise.

►►Ways of communication with me:

Mobile Number: 09127937860
Instagram: DR.MarjanEtemadi
Telegram: dr_marjanetemadi

Email: M.ETEMADI@atu.ac.ir , etemadionline@yahoo.com , etemadionline@gmail.com

*To get to know me better, read the text below:

■ My education and experiences in the field of management:
-PHD in management with a focus on human resources at Allameh Tabataba'i University, master's degree in management with a focus on strategic management, specialized consulting in the fields of human resource management and organizational behavior management in organizations, 13 years of continuous teaching experience at the university in undergraduate, master's degree , governmental and non-profit and scientific-applied university.

■ Holding numerous workshops in the last few years online and in person in the field of human resources with topics:
- Job analysis (creation of job IDs),
-job evaluation and compensation & benefits (with emphasis on Hay Group method),
-conflict management,
-problem solving and decision making,
-effective communication skills
at Allameh Tabatabai University, Tehran Chamber of Commerce Industries Mines and Agriculture, Tehran Business School ,etc

■ Training in various organizations (Irancell Company, Asiatech Company, Nora Motor Pars Company, The holding company for the development of mines and mining industries in the middle east (Midhco) ,and MBA courses in various university centers ( Faculty of Economics -University of Tehran,…)

* During these few years, I always tried to expand my communications and in all my teaching courses, I have tried to provide students with the knowledge that they need according to the latest resources of the world, in a practical way and by giving examples, so that they can also practice in the best possible way in the field of human resources in organizations.

My experience about "Fundamental Coaching Skills, ICI"

"Embark on a transformative journey with me as I share my exceptional experience with the 'Fundamental Coaching Skills' program by ICI. This dynamic course has been a game-changer, arming me with a diverse array of essential skills for professional and personal excellence. From fostering effective teamwork to teaching conflict resolution strategies, the program has been a comprehensive exploration of the art and science of coaching. The emphasis on providing constructive feedback through detailed reports has not only refined my coaching skills but has also heightened my ability to navigate and resolve professional challenges.

The curriculum goes beyond the basics, delving into the intricacies of relationship building and offering profound insights into mentorship. 'Fundamental Coaching Skills, ICI' has been instrumental in elevating my coaching proficiency, enabling me to create meaningful and impactful connections with clients. This program is not just an investment in skills; it is a transformative experience that has significantly contributed to my professional success. Join me in unlocking your full coaching potential and reshaping your career trajectory with the unparalleled expertise of ICI."
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