Executive Coach Luis Marin
  • "Fundamental Coaching Skills, ICI"
  • + 58 412 9539060
Executive Coach Luis Marin

Has achieved "Fundamental Coaching Skills, ICI" at IDEAR by Francis Bell.


  • NLP
  • Life
  • Business
  • Executive


Hi, I am Luis

Thank you for reading. I specialize in tools to help you in the process of adapting 
to new frontiers, advance your migration processes and focus on your new life
without disconnecting from your roots.
I have experienced all these processes in my own flesh and therefore I know exactly
the impact of each one of them. Using my knowledge in coaching I have come out
triumphant and for that reason I see myself in the need to be able to help you also
only if you allow it and give yourself that help.

Good luck, see you soon

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