International Master Coach & Trainer Jelena Bojovic

International Master Coach & Trainer Jelena Bojovic

"Coach Master Trainer, ICI"

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JMBG Consulting

International Master Coach & Trainer Jelena Bojovic is head of the experienced institute: JMBG Consulting.

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Jelena Bojović
International master trainer, accredited coach, expert
Jelena Bojović is a licensed coach, a leading trainer for the development of managerial and leadership skills at
in our area, as well as a successful expert consultant who has been developing potential for years
employed in domestic and foreign companies.
She has been engaged in consulting for more than 10 years and during that time she has held a large number of trainings, workshops and
education throughout the region. As an expert consultant, she held both individual sessions and
training for team development in domestic and foreign companies.
After a series of specializations around the world with the most recognized experts, she was licensed for
coaching and trainings. She had the opportunity to learn from top experts like Marilyn W. Atkinson,
Marshall Goldsmith, Bryan Tracy, Bob Proctor, Mickael Dufourneaud, Silvie Viola, Lynn
Skotnitsky, Carle Benedetti, Laure Silva, John Para, Paula Patterson and many others.
Education she completed:
• Leading Safety Performance - Dekra, Scotland
• Safe Mind Safe Body - Dekra, Scotland
• High Performance Team Coach, Canada
• PCM Coach and Trainer, France
• NLP Trainer
• Quick goals
• Ericson Coaching, Canada
• Coaching for Leadership, Marshall Goldsmith, USA
• Point of You Coaching, Israel
• Maximum Achievement, Brian Tracy, USA
• OLI development skills coach
• Top communicator - Persona Global, San Francisco
• Brain team - Silva method, Texas USA
• Emotional intelligence - Silva method, Texas USA
• Time and stress management - Silva method, Texas USA
Jelena is qualified to conduct in-house and open trainings:
• coaching and mentoring
• teamwork
• leading people
• improvement of own resource situation
• problem solving
• stress management
• situational leadership
• setting goals
• making decisions
• change management
• conflict management
• time management
• stress management
• employee motivation
• client orientation
• Communication skills
• customer relations
• negotiation skills
• assertive communication
• presentation skills
• public appearance
• emotional intelligence
• conducting meetings
• trainer training
By combining hes years of experience with many years of training and practice
by applying coaching, she became an experienced professional coach who, in a professional, practical,
unique and creative way supports clients in personal and professional development. Working with
with it, clients have visible results and make great progress in a short time.
Until now, she has improved the operations of many companies: HF Group, Optima Group, Magna
Seating, Michelin/ Tiger Tires, Bosch, Geodis, Tetrapak, Komercijalna banka, Dizajn and
architecture, Ametek/ Dunkermotoren, DDOR, Wiener Insurance Group, Generali, ProCredit
Bank, Erste Bank, NLB Bank, Komercijalna Banka, Valjaonica brakra Sevojno, Falke, Aptiv, NIS,
Elixir group, Nelt, Carlsberg, Polimark, VIP Mobile, Fiat, IBM, Adacta, Merck, CTP...
More than 10,000 participants have completed her training so far.
Many years of experience in different sectors in the economy, together with its formal
her education as a Graduate Economist (major: Management) gives her the breadth to very
in a professional manner, he understands his clients and their way of doing business and helps them to
the best possible way to grow and develop.
Her sons Stefan, Aleksandar and Dušan give her strength and motivation in all of this.
The question she asks herself every day:
What can I do today to leave a better world for generations to come?

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