Fernando Gil Sanguineti
Fernando Gil Sanguineti
Head of Jamming, Consultoría en Talento y Escuela de Coaching

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Carlos Enrique Poblete

"Coach Master Trainer, ICI"

Fernando Gil Sanllehí

"Coach Master Trainer, ICI"


My mission in Perú is to bring forth an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially just human presence on this planet through Coaching and NLP. It also is, through the practice of their profession and modelling, to enhance the level of conciousness of each human being with whom every Coach and NLP practitioner interacts, We believe in the power of every individual to fulfill their goals and objectives by transforming limiting beliefs into empowering ones. We trust humans in their capacity lo learn what is ment for them giving their level of conciousness and context. We must be present for them at the right moment with the right skills. IN/ICI in Perú will constitute soon in the largest and strongest platform for those purposes, integrating, regulating and promoting the practice of coaching and NLP with excellence, ethics and the highest standards. Organizational Development Human Resource Consulting Life, executive and team coaching Management training Environmental and Social Responsibility Headhunting and Assessment Benziger Thinking Styles Assessment Outplacement

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