Edyta Szela
Edyta Szela

Has achieved "​Advanced Fundamental Coaching Skills, ICI" at Szkoła Coachingu Lilianna Kupaj by mgr Lilianna Kupaj.


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Do you run a company? Are you on the board? Do you need help finding a solution to topics that bother you?
Maybe you are the point where you need to take action in connection with the organization or with your work? You ask yourself what you need to do in this job to further develop your company, yourself and keep balance and harmony in it.
Coaching and business
Do you need support not so much purely coaching, but a person experienced in business? You've come to the right place. If you want to stop, determine what your strengths are, what areas need development. Are you wondering what possible directions of your organization's development are? Do you want to transfer your knowledge and skills to the next leaders in your organization? Do you want to increase the area of ​​influence? Contact me. I combine my experience in business with coaching skills.
Building a conscious organization
For me, conscious action in business is building a conscious organization. What I mean? Building not only by me as the owner and management, but by every person who is a member of this community (i.e. popularly speaking employee). In such an organization, every coworker uses his potential, is aware of his role in the organization, takes action in accordance with the good of the company. At the same time, the harmony between private and professional life is maintained in the life of colleagues.

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