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Karl Nielsen

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At the World Congress in Sao Paulo 2019

I presented "NLP based Mindfulness":

Mindfulness is on an easy level using awareness, breathing, yoga and meditation for your health, happiness and success.

On a deeper level Mindfulness is about being connected with the love, joy, freedom and power that you find deep inside you.

Based on the principles and techniques of NLP and Coaching, Mindfulness becomes a very powerful intensive approach.

Here my invitation video for the World Congress

Here 3 minutes from 3 days Trainer Training in Brazil


A few days after the World Congress I offered:

4 days Mindfulness Trainer Training in Brazil

to become a seal entitled

“Mindfulness Master Trainer, In-Me”

Minimum entrance qualification:  “NLP Trainer, IN” or comparable. Before the appointment as “Mindfulness Master Trainer, In-Me” basic competencies in breathing, yoga, meditation, coaching, and knowing basics about the MBSR-program is required. Parts of these competencies can be learned during and after the 4 days.

In the 4 days we work step by step through the In-Me qualification: “Mindfulness Intensive, In-Me”. This qualification is inspired by breathing, yoga and meditation from the MBSR-program and intensified by NLP and Coaching. The participants do the 4 days program and reflect the essential requirements for the conducting Master Trainer.

Please see for the basic content of the 4 days the Certification Guidelines at


Here an article that I wrote in a book

I'm very excited about the high potential in NLP. That's why I developped NLPsy (NLP & Psychology) and NLPhil (NLP & Philosophy).

Please see my contribution in: "Powered by NLP" on page 63 to 71:


Book Powered by nLP


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  • Rod. Dom Pedro I, km 55,
    12960-000 Estancia Atibainha, Nazaré Paulista, near Sao Paulo,
  • Zagreb,

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