New participants from Croatia!

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Mirjana Petković

Mirjana Petković

"Coach, ICI"

Congratulation to all new participants from Croatia!

Teached by Mirjana Petković

  It was a pleasure, inspiration and love to be a Mindfulness trainer to my special first group.I'm very happy, grateful and proud of all of you. It is an honor to see the changes that you have done, in your lives and I believe that you will continue to live your mindful life in the present moment!

Congratulations and welcome to be a part of the our big Mindfulness Familiy!

Dr. Bruce Grimley

Gatekeeping in Science -example NLP

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Tanja Lachmayr-Kott and Torsten Kott

"Coach, ICI" training by trainer Tanja Lachmayr-Kott and Torsten Kott in Germany

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