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Dr. Bruce Grimley
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Data and Facts Hello. I am a chartered psychologist in the United Kingdom and a registered coaching psychologist with the British Psychological Society. I am passionate about using NLP in my coaching practice and currently am working to increase the credibility of NLP as an effective coaching modality. I am particularly interested in the psychology of happiness and how NLP can encourage people to access and make use of this state not just in their personal life, but also in their professional lives. I am a doctoral candidate with UCN and within my research I am looking to develop NLP as a practical psychology. I have just written my first book about NLP called "Theory and Practice of NLP Coaching: A psychological approach. If you go to this website you can read a bit about this book. I am involved in NLP because I believe our cognitive and experiential processes are essentially embodied. I believe often that traditional psychological approaches can have the effect of taking these dynamic embodied processes and examining in isolation from the body and environment. Examples would be questionnaires, interviews, a reliance on the verbal and mathematical protocols compared with the experiential and intuitive ones.

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