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What's on the course?

you will learn to arouse sympathy, which favors building deeper relationships and quick and supportive conflicts

you will learn to build, be friendly towards people and build skills to support the task at hand

we will show you how to extinguish disputes and conflict situations

Let's demonstrate and demonstrate how to build settlement-oriented and solution-oriented learning

you will learn how to recognize 4 communication situations

you will see clearly what competences you need

you will feel confident in the conversations that have been difficult for you so far

will have / alert itself as a warning if you missed it

In these workshops:

you will recognize 4 groups of problem situations and you will see what communication tools to use in each of them

you will learn how to recognize conflicts of values ​​and needs and you will learn how to solve them

you will learn techniques for solving problems / conflicts in organizations without the use of threats or punishments but with the effect of guilt

you will see tools for building harmony and cooperation with partners


Who is this training for?

for people who want to use the website, where conflict is one of the components of the specificity of work, improve their skills in job specification components, improve their communication skills in comparative business tests and generate mutual benefits that have conflicts and deal with them more effectively , partners facing a new professional role where communication is a key skill in a changed fish farming


for coaches who want to be more effective in their work, teachers who want to better motivate their students, mediators, judges, lawyers, legal advisers, psychologists, therapists, doctors, nurses, therapists, physiotherapists

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About the training :

  • Location: Online Training
  • Date: Mar 25, 2021

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