momentum - Tom Faith

momentum - Tom Faith

"Coach Master Trainer, ICI"

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momentum - Tom Faith is head of the experienced institute: momentum.

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About momentum - Tom Faith

Tom is an experienced Hypnosis, NLP, and Coach master trainer with a passion for helping individuals achieve personal transformations. With over 30 years of experience in both the show and business arenas, Tom has dedicated over a decade to training others in the art of hypnosis.

He is also the author of multiple hypnosis self-study books, a speaker at international conferences, and an expert in Instant Hypnosis. Tom has developed the innovative concept of 'participative hypnosis' with HELIX, and he is proud to be the founder of the German Street Hypnosis community.

His focus in seminars, shows, personal training, and coaching is to empower individuals with entertaining and informative insights into the world of mental transformation, while offering tailored support for personal growth. He also offers a range of live webinars and online courses to further assist individuals in their journey toward positive change.

His vision is to introduce hypnotists to the incredibly diverse tools of NLP and show NLP practitioners the fantastic potential of hypnosis.

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