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Dr. Bruce Grimley

presents his 7C's Coaching
The official part of the presentation starts after 8 minutes.
Zoom on 29 Jan. 2022
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The introduction of multiplicity and hypnosis formally within a coaching context.

This workshop introduces the modern coach to a new model of coaching called 7C’s, (Grimley 2020. Routledge).

The 7C’s model recognises that “excellence” in performance requires different implicit models in differing contexts.

7C’s provides the underlying conceptual mechanism and tools to be whoever you need to be in whichever context you wish to perform in.

For example if you want to be an “excellent” entrepreneur, you need to BE somebody very different from somebody who wishes to be an “excellent” athlete. The internal subjective structure of people who are excellent in these two different domains is very different and you cannot BE both people at the same time, operating from a unified SELF.

7C’s therefore takes as an underlying principle, the “Self” is not a unity, but a multiplicity, and 7C’s coaching takes the coachee forward with this basic principle at it’s heart. The use of hypnosis is necessary for both communicating with these Alter Ego’s and also for activating them as well.

In this workshop you will learn about how the model emerged out of 25 years of experience and research and how it has been developed with reference to the two supporting psychometrics: Core Code and Alter Ego.

You will take away a new paradigm for your coaching tool kit as well as some useful patterns to use with your clients.

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