Resolve Coaching

The RESOLVE ™ Model itself

The 7-Stage Coaching Structure

professional ethics and concluding contracts

goal setting methodology based on research by psychologist Richard Wiseman

rapport and listening and questioning skills to help clients create their own best solutions and plans

state management skills to help clients achieve the most useful emotional state for each task

matching processes to help clients align their operations with their core values ​​so that they get more power

techniques for resolving traumatic reactions and flexibly reacting to failures

setting tasks for clients that I can do in their real life

Then this training is for you

It is a workshop where you will gain solid knowledge, practical exercises, optimal rebuilding of the way of thinking and acting

if you are:

the moment you want to change your profession

a leader, a manager supporting people

a business consultant

consultant and want to start your journey as a coach

a social worker

a boss who wants to learn how to better motivate people

you work in an emergency service

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About the training :

  • Location: Online Training
  • Date: Feb 12, 2021

Location :

  • Endereço : Online Training
  • Telefone : +48600462626
  • Email :
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