Mrs Natalya Kostyukova
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Mrs Natalya Kostyukova


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Psychologist, teacher of philosophy and psychology, certified practitioner Thetahealing,teacher Kundalini yoga (certificate of international training for Teachers of Kundalini yoga "yoga Awareness" At the school of Yoga K. R. I. Y. A. (USA) (Kundalini Rising International Yoga Academy).
I am interested in discovering new things, discovering new facets in myself and the world around me, and it is important for me to share my experience and knowledge, to be necessary and useful to people.
My mission:
1. I inspire self-development
2. expand the possibilities
3. help to discover new facets of yourself
4. I help to expand the world view and get rid of limiting beliefs
5. I give effective tools for everyone to become the Creator of his life, to heal himself, to help himself and his family, to live a conscious life and, of course, to achieve happiness and harmony.
* Ural state University 1982-1989, faculty of Philosophy.
* Lesosibirsk pedagogical Institute of Krasnoyarsk state University, 1993-1995, faculty of psychology

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