Mirela Manolache

Mirela Manolache

"Coach, ICI"

"Coach, ICI"

Hat "Coach, ICI" absolviert am Coaching & Training Akademie GbR bei Tanja Lachmayr-Kott.




Mirela is internationally certified as a personal coach and NLP Practitioner and her specialization is Self Care Coaching. 

Self-care coaching is about self-love, self-acceptance & personal rebranding. It's about understanding your own power and about owning it.

A strong advocate for self-love and acceptance, Mirela helps women of all ages unlock their potential and rediscover their gifts, so they can get what they want in life with more ease. Mirela is also a keynote speaker and entrepreneur with extensive know-how in organizational psychology and business operations.

She recently released the workbook "Self Care for Beginners" to the market, which is available on Amazon and Kindle. 

Follow her on Instagram @mirelaselfcarecoaching or contact her directly on the website:


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